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Conservation of Heritage Crafts

Maka Maka has consistently and passionately worked with Artisan communities to support and conserve heritage and ancient crafts.  The story of the craft, the people, and the historical significance of some are fascinating stories we love to share.  Our collaborations with various Artisans have led to the economic independence of Women Artisans, improved infrastructure for better efficiencies in production capacity, and continuation of dying crafts employing fair trade and sustainable business practices.

Meet The Makers & Their Crafts

Craft Conservation . Sustainable . Handmade

Environmental Impact

We collaborate with Deb, an Industrial Designer who lives and works from his studio in rural India.  Repurposing scrap metal a collection of beautiful decor objects are designed and handcrafted.  Training local tradespeople, migration to the city is curbed.  Metal waste from local garages and workshops are reimagined and repurposed to create zero waste designs.

Circular Fashion - To minimize production related textile waste, we have reimagined the Sari offcuts as beautiful Hair Accessories, Jewelry, Obi Belts, and Bags. Each collection is unique as it is a limited edition one. By repurposing off cuts into beautiful accessories, we design a zero waste fashion collection following the principles of Circular Fashion.

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